The Uncertain Future of Emile Smith Rowe at Arsenal: Will He Be Sent on Loan?

In recent discussions surrounding Arsenal’s summer transfer plans, the potential signing of Bitello has raised questions about the future of talented midfielder Emile Smith Rowe. Graeme Bailey, a notable football pundit, has suggested that Smith Rowe could be shipped out on loan if Bitello joins the Gunners. This article delves into the implications of such a decision, highlighting the progress Smith Rowe has made and the disappointment that would accompany his potential departure.

The Rising Star Who Might Be Loaned:

Emile Smith Rowe, a powerful midfielder with immense potential, has faced limited playing time at Arsenal over the past year. Despite this, reports suggest that he has been excelling in training and deserves a chance to prove himself under manager Mikel Arteta in the upcoming season. However, the potential arrival of Bitello may complicate matters for Smith Rowe.

Bitello’s Impact and Smith Rowe’s Uncertain Future:

Graeme Bailey has described Bitello as a player who could immediately challenge established names like Vieira or Trossard, thanks to his versatility and skill set. This raises questions about Smith Rowe’s future at Arsenal. Bailey speculates that the potential signing of Bitello might result in Smith Rowe being made available for loan. While such a move might make strategic sense for the club, it would undoubtedly leave a bitter taste for Smith Rowe’s supporters.

Smith Rowe’s Contributions and Arsenal’s Dilemma:

Emile Smith Rowe burst onto the scene a few years ago, displaying immense talent and promise. Although he has been given limited opportunities in recent times, he has shown dedication and determination in training. Smith Rowe’s performances have not given cause for concern, making the prospect of him being sent on loan all the more disappointing. Losing a player with his potential and commitment would be a blow to Arsenal and its fans.

The Importance of Ruthlessness in Pursuit of Success:

It is undeniable that football is a ruthless sport, especially for clubs with ambitions of winning league titles. Tough decisions must be made in order to assemble the strongest possible team. However, there is a balance to be struck between pursuing immediate success and nurturing young talent. While the potential signing of Bitello may enhance Arsenal’s squad, it should not overshadow the potential of players like Smith Rowe, who have shown promise and deserve an opportunity to develop further.


Emile Smith Rowe’s future at Arsenal hangs in the balance as the club considers the potential signing of Bitello. While the arrival of a talented player like Bitello could strengthen the team, it raises concerns about Smith Rowe’s role and potential loan departure. Given Smith Rowe’s dedication and past performances, it would be a shame to see him leave the club without being given a proper chance to showcase his abilities. As Arsenal weighs its options, it is important to strike a balance between short-term ambitions and long-term development, ensuring that promising talents like Smith Rowe are not overlooked or underutilized.

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