Ready for @ChelseaFC! 💙 🗣 Axel Disasi’s first words since becoming a Blue

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In his first interview since joining Chelsea, Axel Disasi, a promising defender from Paris, opens up about his footballing characteristics, love for playing the piano, and his strong connections to the club.

As he explores the vast expanse of Stamford Bridge, Disasi eagerly anticipates his debut, aiming to make a mark in the Premier League and continue the legacy of successful French players at Chelsea.

A Versatile and Tenacious Defender:
Axel Disasi is a defender with a diverse skill set. His defensive prowess lies in his ability to anticipate opponents’ moves and win the ball efficiently. Versatile in his positions, he can play as a left-back, right-back, or in central defense, showcasing his proficiency in different roles. His physicality and aggressive approach make him a formidable opponent on the field. Additionally, Disasi’s attacking flair is evident in his goal-scoring ability, which was particularly impressive during his time at Monaco.

A Musical Escape:
Beyond football, Disasi finds solace in playing the piano. During a challenging period in his career, he took up the instrument, finding its peaceful and relaxing sound a way to detach from the pressures of the game. As a self-taught pianist, he cherishes moments spent playing and learning new pieces. Recognizing the importance of mental decompression, Disasi emphasizes the significance of separating his thoughts to perform at his best.

Embracing the Chelsea Spirit:
Disasi’s enthusiasm to join Chelsea is palpable. He embraces the community spirit of a sports team and looks forward to contributing his positive energy to the group. Eager to bond with his teammates, he values the camaraderie and shared laughter that fosters a tight-knit team. Notably, Disasi already knows several Chelsea players, having crossed paths with them in previous encounters, and he is thrilled to be a part of a club with a strong Francophone presence.

Emulating His Football Idols:
Growing up, Disasi admired football legends like Didier Drogba, Eden Hazard, Frank Lampard, and David Luiz. Their performances on the pitch left a lasting impression on him. Now, as a Chelsea player himself, he aims to follow in their footsteps and etch his name among the greats who have donned the iconic blue shirt.

As Axel Disasi embarks on his journey with Chelsea, he brings a blend of defensive prowess, attacking flair, and musical passion. With a strong sense of belonging and a determination to succeed, Disasi aspires to add to the rich history of French players who have excelled at the club. As fans eagerly anticipate his debut, they can expect an exciting blend of talent and tenacity on the pitch from this talented defender with a melodic soul.

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