Mikel Arteta calls up ‘powerful’ 19-year-old midfielder to Arsenal training before Newcastle clash

Arsenal’s young talent, Bradley Ibrahim, received a noteworthy opportunity as he joined the first-team training session led by Mikel Arteta at London Colney.

With a crucial match against Newcastle United at St James’ Park on the horizon, Arsenal is keen to harness all available resources following their recent setback, and Ibrahim seems to have earned his shot.

Bradley Ibrahim, who has been with Arsenal since 2019 after transferring from Queens Park Rangers’ academy, is a 19-year-old defensive midfielder. He particularly stood out among the talented youngsters under the guidance of Jack Wilshere last season.

Recent revelations from Arsenal U21s boss, Mehmet Ali, indicated that Ibrahim had been putting in extra effort behind the scenes. Arteta, recognizing the young player’s commitment, invited him to the London Colney for a first-team training session. The 19-year-old had the privilege of training alongside Arsenal’s star players, an experience he is sure to treasure.

In a few photos released by Arsenal in preparation for their game against Newcastle United, Ibrahim was seen challenging none other than Bukayo Saka for the ball, showcasing his determination and skills.

As described on the club’s official website, Bradley Ibrahim is a ‘determined and powerful central midfielder with an eye for a pass.’ He is also adept at sniffing out danger on the pitch and is versatile enough to play in defense if needed.

Ibrahim has been a consistent presence in every Arsenal U21s Premier League 2 game this season. While he wasn’t part of the squad for the match against Manchester City last night, it raises the question of whether he will feature in Arteta’s side for the upcoming clash at St James’ Park. Only time will reveal the manager’s final decision.

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